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Carolina Panthers (+5.5) at
New Orleans Saints (-5.5) over +47.5

Game time: Sunday 12/3, 4:25 PM

Carolina Panthers 21 FINAL
New Orleans Saints 31  view game

Icon-ok New Orleans Saints (-5.0) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $1.98

$1.00 Pick documented: Sunday, 03 Dec 2017 10:58 AM

pick locked in 6 months ago

Carolina Panthers vs New Orleans Saints Pick

Carolina @ New Orleans -4: The Panthers have to be the worst 8-3 team in the history of the NFL. From a passer rating differential standpoint they are a -13.... only a handful of teams rank worse in that category. The Saints on the other hand are one of the top teams in that vital statistic. I think the Saints will bounce back from their tough loss last week to remain in the hunt for a...

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San Francisco 49ers (+2.5) at
Chicago Bears (-2.5) over +42.5

Game time: Sunday 12/3, 1:00 PM

San Francisco 49ers 15 FINAL
Chicago Bears 14  view game

Icon-ok Chicago Bears (-3.0) L

$1.00 Pick documented: Sunday, 03 Dec 2017 10:46 AM

pick locked in 6 months ago

San Francisco 49ers vs Chicago Bears Pick shoresteinsays.com

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San Francisco at Chicago-3.5: This should be the much anticipated first start of 2017 for Jimmy Garrappolo. I think it's a tough test for the young gun. This week I'm back on the Bears and their highly impressive 4-1 record ATS at home. I've generally faded Chicago against tough competition, but I think this week is a perfect match...

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